So I started knitting. To a person who doesn’t know how to crochet or knit, or a person who started with knitting, this may seem like nothing, “yay, good for you, Criselle, bang up job!” BUT to a person who started with crochet, it’s a damn accomplishment. Let me explain. I’ve been crocheting since I was 15 or 16, so that’s roughly 12 to 13 years of just crochet. I have attempted to learn how to knit at least 4-5 time with different teachers, and IT NEVER SANK IN! Going from one hook to two needles, learning the different feel of tension via a new tool, learning to do a knit stitch… and then learning to do a purl stitch, it’s the same stitch but backwards!! All very intimidating stuff for whatever reason. But I’ve always loved the look of knit… so I finally just dug deep down inside my soul and told myself to watch a dang Youtube video and practice until it stuck! And wouldn’t you know it, I learned it and retained it!!! So this past week or so I’ve been using 9mm circular needles with a 16” length and have been knitting (and purling) hats! Woo hoo!

First Knit Beanie

I think because I chose to make a hat rather than a scarf it was a lot easier for whatever reason. Also, I used chunky yarn which made knitting faster and seeing the stitches easier. I think, sorry to friends and family who have attempted to teach me how to knit, that learning via Youtube made it a lot easier because making tutorials is what they do for a living, and they know just how to teach a person how to knit. Below is the video I used to learn how to knit. I hope those that only crochet or those that want to learn how to knit can watch this video and learn how to knit just like I did!

How to Knit Fast and Chunky Ribbed Hat I’ve made three hats, the one above, another smaller hat for my son that switches from red to blue and another blue beanie. The first hat had a bunch of holes due to dropped stitches, and as you can or can’t tell, the brim is crochet….. The second hat for my son also had a crochet brim because I don’t like the look of just knit beanies, plus if it was just knit and I folded over the brim, the brim would be super thick because I used thick yarn. The transition from red to blue was pretty easy to get, I think because it’s pretty similar to how I switch with crochet. It had some holes too, but not too many. To be honest, it wasn’t going to be for my son, I guess I just decided to decrease early and it was just shorter than expected so I gave it to him. The third beanie I attempted a stitch 1 purl 1 brim for four rounds and then knit the rest, I also attempted the slip and stitch decrease which I like better than the 2 to 1 stitch decrease. I think because I had too many stitches to begin with with the chunky yarn (50 stitches) it ended up wider than expected. I’m on my fourth knit beanie now, with a 2 knit 1 purl brim, I’ve made it 42 stitches and three rounds of brim and I’m liking it so far. I’m still knitting it, but check it out below. 


I will continue to update you all on my knitting adventures, hopefully I’ll have some cool stuff up in my shop next week of just knit pieces. Xoxo, Criselle