Little Dream, Big Dream

I started my shop basically when I was 5 years old, selling little Jesus-on-a-cross cut outs at church for a penny. Then as I grew older, I started making friendship bracelets in middle school and selling them at lunch. I've been making things and selling things for as long as I can remember and the internet really has made my little childhood dream into my big adulthood dream.

I had been crocheting for about two to three years before I started my shop online. My mom had taught me the basics of a scarf in 15 minutes and for the next three hours I was in my bedroom trying my hardest to make a scarf that wasn't all wonky. After my mom counted my stitches several times, I finally had a scarf, and from then on I was hooked... pardon the pun. I crocheted scarves on my lunch break at school and sold them to my classmates for some cash. Now I crochet during my lunch break at work and not only do I sell to my co-workers, but through the web, I sell all over the world.

Besides crocheting on my lunch break at work, I also crochet when I have free time at home. I don't have as much free time as I'd like being a working wife and mother, but I find time while my husband and kids are preoccupied with themselves. A lot of what I make starts from things I'd like to wear myself. It's a good way to see if people like your product because they'll let me know while I'm wearing something if they'd like one too, then I know I've got something good. Many people also know to come to me if they'd like something they've seen somewhere else, if I can remake it for them, then why not. If I get a lot of requests for some items then I make more and put them up on my site. I also make one of a kind items, my imagination just goes off and I create, I don’t remember how I did it, that’s why there’s only one!

I am fortunate to be able to continue this dream of being an entrepreneur, the dream I've had since I was little. Now it is in the process of coming true. What's a sad truth these days is that people lose sight of the dreams they've had as young children because they've been told it isn't practical. I'm lucky to have my mom and my sister who completely believe in my ability and that my goal of creating and making a living out of it as an attainable thing.

I’m hoping that as my sons grow they will see their mommy realizing her dream and that they will dream just as big and work just as hard to reach his goals. I also hope that while they grow up and preoccupy themselves with puzzles and Legos that I find a little more time for my craft. Maybe I can even teach them to crochet one day, and we’ll be dreaming big and crocheting together.

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