I guess introductions are in order. I am Criselle and I love to crochet and continuously re-learn how to knit. I am from Southern California where most people can only wear the things I make for about 4 weeks out of the year; on the bright side, those four weeks aren’t consecutive, so there’s at least some CriselleBelle exposure in LA County. That being said, a lot of what I create is sent out all over the US and the world, which is super great because just knowing someone thousands of miles away from me enjoys my work makes me heart super stoked. How I became a crocheter is mentioned in my About section, but long story short, my mom taught me when I was 16 and I was (cue crochet pun) “hooked” ever since *bad um tiss*.  

I guess I’d say my crochet items are very eclectic, I don’t necessarily have a style. I just like to make stuff, I love the journey of how I think of something and try to tackle it without a set pattern. Though, I do love it when I make something and people go gaga for it and I end up making a lot of it. I really love a lot of color, bright colors, rich tones, soft hues, it doesn’t matter, I love all of it. I love all kinds of yarn too, but my favorite would have to be wool blends, the chunkier the better.   

Five fun facts about me to round off the first post!    

1) I’m a Mom, and that is the biggest and best accomplishment I have to date. I love my son to the moon and back! 

2) I don’t like roller coasters, I just don’t get the concept of willingly putting oneself in a state of stress. 

3) I’m in my late 20’s but I either feel like I’m 87 or 12 at any given point in the day. 

4) I really love watching nature shows or travel shows. 

5) My mom, sister and husband are a few of my biggest supporters, they’re the best.   

Don’t hold your breath for my next post, not too sure when that will happen. Though I do think it should happen once a week if anyone wants to follow it. I’ll let you know.