Hi friends, 

 Welcome back to my blog. It’s been a while, and honestly, it feels like I say that every time a write another one of these things. A lot has been going on with me, and I feel it’s time to share any of it that involves yarn and creating. So how about I do it in list form so I know I get it all out.  

1) I’m not doing any craft fairs this year. By this time any other year I would have been signed up to do at least one craft fair. To be honest, I didn’t really search one out that I would like to do. I have been so busy with my boys, especially my almost-5-month-old baby, that I don’t have the inventory ready to do a fair. Hopefully next year will be different, and I do apply to do something. 

2) I’m doing a 100 Day Challenge! I started about a week ago and am behind by three days, so obviously it’s not going to well. I could blame outside factors for my lack of entries, but I’ll take accountability and just come to terms with the fact that it just may be me. Hopefully I can get right back on track with them, I will post something today and hopefully more in the next 90+ consecutive days I have left. I got the idea to make 100 things in 100 days from Morgan of Morthunder on Instagram, if you don’t follow her, you should. She set herself to make 100 beanies in 100 days and she is definitely killing the game, she’s about 2/3 of the way done. 

3) I need to figure out my target market. I’m a little all over the place when making things, but I know I want to market to the millennial generation who are out of school and working their first real job. They are going to be the ones who are making more than what you’d expect a millennial to make, so that’s their money to burn. I also think I want to target those millenials who have children, they want to keep their kids looking fresh, but also handmade and supporting small business.  

4) And this one applies to the real world outside of yarn and crafts, but definitely doesn’t help it either. I am slightly allergic to wool, so good-bye Lion Brand Thick and Quick, hello, Lion Brand Hometown USA. And I have also developed a minor case of carpal tunnel syndrome. My wrists were in pain for about 1.5 days, I didn’t knit at all to keep them from falling off. Anyway, that will be all for today. I’ll try to keep you guys up to date on any other yarn related predicaments I get myself into. 

Xoxo, Criselle